Kristine Krishnan



I really do believe I am just a button pusher sometimes, and I am privileged to be able to photograph people and experience what they bring to the session/performance/event.

I approach each session or event with respect for what the individual or group is allowing me to witness and document, acknowledging that, at times, it is deeply personal. 

I look for the beauty in every encounter because people are really beautiful, interesting, fiery, passionate, energetic, calm, sincere, tired, silly, contemplative, confident, resolved, in love….and on and on.



In my photos, I like to express the energy felt in the room when I photograph the subject or subjects.

The energy felt between people -a connection -or the energy released from someone when they are just “putting it all out there” and “living”. 

Whether its pure joy, in- your- face confidence, earth shaking strength, hard- to- contain excitement or a big breath of relief; I love to capture those moments and feel honored to experience them with the performer.


Inspiration or purpose originates from how I am feeling the moment I am witnessing  an interaction and the energy the subjects are receiving from each other or from a moment experienced. Usually what attracts me is warm, electric energy; positive and moving. I let the negative energy and experiences reside in my subconscious as a contrast, intentionally withdrawing primary focus from that energy in my photos.


I believe the energy you surround yourself with and give to others directly influences the happenings in your life as well as others you interact with.

Through my photography, I want to pass on the energy experienced at that moment with the subject, to others.