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Your Coach Kristine Krishnan


Move Me  Performance coaching was started by Kristine,  a former dancer, therapist and current divorce/relationship coach.  During her time as a child and adolescent therapist, Kristine worked with teens on various mental health struggles such as depression, self esteem, self harm, career coaching, anxiety and anxiety related issues.

She became director of the youth division and developed programs for teens as well as managed other therapists in her division. 


After taking some time off with her kids, she more recently became certified as a divorce/ relationship and recovery coach and works with women through relationship transitions  such as divorce and separation.


Kristine currently works with teens experiencing mental blocks and performance anxiety related to dance or other performing activities such as,  gymnastics, ice skating, acting and singing. Some of the topics covered  are :

Mental blocks - performance  anxiety

Self -Esteem- perfection  mind set

Coping with injury

Audition/competition anxiety

Mind/body awareness

Internal dialog awareness

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